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The mission of The LadyParts Collective is to generate new works of art about issues that affect women in the Los Angeles community. The following are priority areas for member involvement: 

  • Women’s rights and equal representation

  • Activating positive change in our community

  • Empowering and supporting female leaders in the arts

  • Collecting stories and transforming them into works of art


The LadyParts Collective shall operate under the following core beliefs and guiding principles:


  • As advocates for positive change, we utilize theater and other artistic mediums to promote empathy, understanding, connection and education.

  • We work to make our community a better place to live for all women.

  • We believe in collaboration amongst ourselves and with the community: we are stronger together.

  • We strive to honor and make space for differences, and to embrace the talents, opinions, skills and experiences that make each individual unique.  

  • The organization promotes gender equality in the arts and entertainment sectors, and beyond. We fight for equal rights and equal representation.

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