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Research and Training

We arm ourselves with research, learn about our topic from professionals in the field, and are trained to proceed appropriately.

Interviews with Community Members 

Using one-on-one interviews and "story circles," we collect details that inspire our project and script. Interview subjects remain anonymous.

Collaboratively Write a Play

The LadyParts Collective utilizes our combined talents to create an original, fictional script that authentically reflects the community.

Staged Reading

A free staged reading enables us to generate feedback from the community.

Prototype Production

A fully-produced run of the play provides us with important insight used to shape our project in order to more effectively achieve our long-term goals.

Tour Production

We work with colleges to personalize our script in order to accommodate their space, budget and community needs. Additionally, any college is welcome to use our script for free, and to adapt and produce it themselves, with two caveats:

  1. Every performance segues into a post-show dialogue facilitated by a professional related to the topic, which includes a brainstorm of actionable solutions.

  2. Multiple college entities participate in the production process. For example, the football coach contributes notes on personalizing the script, a sorority runs front of house, a dean can make a cameo appearance, campus security provides input on the music, or a health professional on campus leads a post-show dialogue. This can also be accomplished by producing the play in an unconventional setting, such as a dorm lobby or locker room.

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