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We are thankful to the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where we premiered our first original work, THE GRAY - a play aimed at igniting a dialogue about sexual assault on Los Angeles college campuses.

THE GRAY was seen at Flight Theatre at the Complex Hollywood

In order to ensure that anyone from the community could attend,

all tickets to all performances were pay what you can.

Directed and performed by students and alumni of Moorpark College, these trailblazers helped the LPC to share this story inspired by interviews from the Los Angeles community.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our Toolkit, a companion to THE GRAY, which we developed alongside the play with the input of our community,

as well as professors,

administrators, and students.

Our Toolkit resources page is full

of information for learning, as well as lots of contact information if you are in need of help.

The goal of this project is to:

  • Promote awareness about sexual violence by tackling topics such as consent, bystander intervention and rape myths.

  • Spark a dialogue and brainstorm of actionable solutions that can be implemented at each campus.

  • Strengthen community by fostering communication between all entities related to the topic of sexual violence on college campuses.

  • Connect colleges to local resources and advocacy groups.


Research shows that peer-to-peer education and theater are effective tools for teaching sexual assault prevention, however, our project is unique from other models because:

  • Our project involves the participation of the entire college community, not only the students.

  • The content of our play is informed by interviews with members of the Los Angeles college community.  

  • We offer opportunities to personalize the script in order to make the content unique to each campus. 

Contact us to talk about producing THE GRAY!
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