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The LadyParts Collective is a collaborative company that strives to generate new works of art including, but not limited to, new pieces of theatre, about social issues affecting the Los Angeles community. Our Collective consists of multi-hyphenate creative people such as educators, directors, writers, actors, producers, creative executives, casting directors, musicians, designers, marketers and social activists. 


What makes us unique from most theater companies is that we start with a story-collecting process to inform all aspects of our script and format. Through interviews with the local community, we accumulate an extensive amount of details and perspectives related to our topic, and then create a fictional story that proves authentic to the atmosphere within the community.


The first issue we tackled was SEXUAL ASSAULT WITHIN THE LOS ANGELES COLLEGE COMMUNITY. We spent several years collecting stories and input before developing our script, THE GRAY, and had multiple community and public readings prior to it's premiere at Moorpark College in 2018. We followed that premiere with a successful run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival so that colleges and community organizations could see what we'd created. If you're interested in producing THE GRAY, let us know!

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